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Providing & managing manpower
Originated from division of labo

Originated from division of labor in economy. This service helps enterprises ensure personnel matters, so that managers can focus on the development plan.
By Fixed price contract, we meet valued customer's need under the contract, to enable you cost efficiency and time saving in the following works:

- Administrative organization at grassroots level to personnel management.
- Training labor safety, labor regulations.
- Purchasing, managing, issuing labor protection things.
- Signing the contract, dealing with statutory regulation concerning employees.
- Checking costs of manpower/ output, no need of increase in salary for senior employees.
- No need of dealing with claim, labor dispute.
- ....

Service fees: subjects to piecework, calculated by tons or unit or timework.
Customers using such our services including: cement plant, soft-drink factory, foodstuff processing factory, factories of textile, agricultural product one...

Some relating services: industrial cleaning services of cleaning office, odd jobs, caring garden, production base, warehouse, freight yard.


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