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Introduction Thanh Long
Welcome to the formal news of Th

Welcome to the formal news of Thanh Long Co, Ltd.,

Thanh long is a company specializing in providing services of loading and unloading trasporting goods by mechanical means, trading in warehouse and freight yard, providing anhd managing manpower.

Over past ten years, Thanh Long is developing stably and fastly. Up to early 2007, Thanh Long became prestigious contractor in fiels of loading and unloading, transportation, trading in and exploiting warehouse and freight yard, providing and managing manpower, with its professional staff, two branches, one in HCMC. And other in Vung Tau city, powerful mechanical means of loading, unloading, transportation, Thanh Long can ensure meeting all customers' needs.

Also, in past ten years, with uninterrupted effort made by its Executive Board and all staff, Thanh Long has provided its service for more than 110 domestic and foreign partners in which there were some leading ones such as Holcim Vietnam, Uni-President, ICI paint.... Thanh Long had only 800 employees, more than 10 trucks, provided its services at only ports of 622, Z1, Song Than IZ of Binh Duong in 2001. But up to now, Thanh Long has presented all province of the east of the South of Vietnam and other provinces nationwide such as HCMC, ...Vung Tau, Dong Nai, Can Tho, Ca Mau, Ninh Thuan, Hanoi,...With more than 3.600 employees, 85 trucks, 52 forklift, 38 specific mechanical means, owning and exploiting more than 80.000m2 of warehouse and freight yard and other mechanics, means, that have made Thanh Long to increase its turnover fromm 28 to 45% over past years.

Also, Thanh Long is pursuring the development of diversification of its service, focusing on investment in material facilities, improvement of manpower and service quality and paying great attention to satisfying customer's needs.

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